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Cambridge House is a British educational establishment based in Valencia Spain offering an excellent quality of education since 1986.

The college offers a range of higher education courses, known in the UK as HNDs (Higher National Diplomas). These courses normally last for two years and are equivalent to the first two years of a university degree, offering up to 120 European Credits.

We offer programmes in Business Management, in Hospitality Management, in Sports and Leisure Management, in Performing Arts, and in Design.

All courses are taught in English native speaker specialists and are assessed through assignments during the year. The courses are dynamic and help develop key skills for the world of work. There is a strong emphasis on work experience in our programmes, in which all students spend time understanding how businesses work and applying practical skills to their knowledge.

Once they have completed their HND courses, our students can finish their degree at universities in the UK, universities in other European countries. Often, our students will only need to study for one year at university to finish their degree and to be ready to enter the work place anywhere in the world.

At Cambridge House we offer the opportunity to study other languages too! We offer Spanish, French, Italian and German alongside English, of course.

Students can start their HND studies at the age of 17 or over, and 16 year olds can do our foundation programme which will get them ready for their HND studies by helping them to improve their English, their knowledge and their study skills.

The city of Valencia is an incredible place to live. It is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast with 330 days of sunshine per year. The city itself is full of culture, traditions, beaches, mountains, excellent transport links…. and great nightlife! Cambridge House will help you to find quality accommodation at a reasonable price and will help you every step of the way if you come to study with us.

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What is a HND?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is Higher Education diploma, normally studied over two or three years. On completion the HND can lead to entry on the final year of a university degree or into the world of work. HND courses are vocational in nature as they prepare you for careers in specific areas of industry.

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What does a HND involve?

HND courses are composed of sixteen units, and will typically contain four units in each semester. A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is awarded on completion of 8 units.

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What is a part time HND?

A part time HND is the same HND course but spread out in a way that is more beneficial to students that can only devote part of their time to study. Taking the HND part-time is often suited to those who have social commitments, work long hours or have children.

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The HND grading system

Before starting the HND course it is important that understand the way in which grades for assignments, units and your overall HND grade will be calculated:

  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

You must achieve at least a minimum of a Pass grade in all assignments.

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The Advantages of HND

The HND course is associated with numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for many students:

  • HND courses are Vocational - The HND course that you have decided to undertake will undoubtedly be geared towards the occupation that you wish to do subsequent to studying at University.
  • Key skills - The units of which the HND course is comprised cover all the key skills that you will need when you eventually look for work. Namely working as an individual, working within a team environment as well as completing both written and oral.
  • No examinations - All assessment is assignment based; there is no pressure to pass exams.

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